Beating the Winter Blues

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Beating the Winter Blues

This winter has been rough for many parts of the country including the South, where snow rarely, if ever falls.  Getting to skip work or school can seem like a lot of fun at first, but when you’re stuck at home and can’t get to your nearest mall or coffee shop to let out some steam, you might feel a little restless.  Even for those who are not snowed in, but the idea of bundling up to go anywhere seems exhausting, this time of year can be depressing.  You may be restless with no outlet or simply parallelized at the thought of gearing up to go out.   So what to do?  The last thing you want to do is waste your time watching mindless TV.  Sometimes I find that starring at the big screen for a long time actually does leave my mind amuck and my overall outlook on the world a droopy mess.  So instead of wasting creative calories becoming a zombie, sink that energy into creating an “Inspiration Board.”  An “Inspiration Board” can be anything from spring fashions you hope to acquire or a combination of spring fashions, DIY home projects, recipes, or places you’d love to travel this summer.  It’s pretty much anything that gets you dreaming and excited about the upcoming months where you’ll be frolicking around in that new spring dress, sipping wine at sunset, and planning that much needed weekend getaway with friends.  Here’s my “Inspiration Board” for a little… “inspiration.”

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