Shameless Jewelry Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

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June 28th, 2011

Shameless Jewelry Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Press Release

Los Angeles, CA - The popular jewelry line, SHAMELESS, joins the struggle against breast cancer by promoting awareness and encouraging research to finding a cure.  Available 'all year round', 20% of all sales of the "Go Pink" ID Bracelet, with it's pink hearts and adjustable chain and retails for $40.00 on the website, will be donated to the Breast Cancer Charities of America, one of the world’s leading breast cancer organizations.

Shea Curry, founder and designer of SHAMELESS JEWELRY, is doing her part to promote awareness and encourage testing, as she feels there can never be 'too much' awareness for this courageous cause.  "We want to extend ourselves to this cause since it is among the leading issues we face today as women. We all have friends, family and co-workers whose lives have been affected by this disease and we wanted to do our part in finding a way to bring an end to the suffering caused by breast cancer.”


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