Shameless Summer Fashion

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With spring 2013 under our fashion belts, it’s time to embrace the next season to come. And as the weather shifts and the days grow longer and hotter, summer promises bare skin, bronzed bodies, bright color schemes, bold patterns, and, of course, flirty fashions.


This summer, similar to spring but with some warm weather revamping, is all about leather, lace, floral, monochromatic, neon, metallic, and tribal prints. In a nutshell, start building your summer wardrobe with texture, color, and pattern in mind. Think bold, think bright, think eye-catching.


Accessories of all forms reign this season and take on the roll of being the main attraction in any ensemble. Shameless Jewelry’s Eye Candy collection serves as an effortless way to stay on-trend with the simple addition of just one or two key pieces. I love that these bright Art Deco designs give any look a summery feel.


This summer, embrace the heat, embrace the hot trends, and don’t forget to live shamelessly! …While you’re at it, treat yourself to a fresh pair of Lucite heels!  

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