What are #ShamelessRants?

Posted by Shea Curry on March 21, 2013 | Posted under #shamelessjewel, #shamelessjewelry, #shamelessrants, #stuckonstupid | 0 Comments

 I wanted to start a new blog on things that really bother me, and I encourage you to share YOUR ShamelessRants.  For some time now, it has come to my attention that humanity is declining.   When I say this, I mean that people are beyond rude, disrespectful, narcissistic, and seemingly living in their own little selfish, unaware of anyone else, world.  Soooo..... I have created #ShamelessRants where I can vent disappointments in my fellow human beings.  I am not saying by any means that I am perfect or that I don't have many things I need to work on too.  I just want to start a dialogue where people can openly discuss the things that annoy/piss us off and perhaps by having this conversation, we can all learn to change for the better.  There will be days you agree with my rant and days you don't.  Either way, I want a discussion to start happening because we can't afford not to!    



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