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SHAMELESS Jewelry is owned by Shea Curry. She is a jewelry designer and actress who started making jewelry in her movie trailer on the set of Princess Diaries 2- The Royal Engagement with Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine and Julie Andrews. It was on this set that her career as a jewelry designer took shape. During the film’s three month production, she had many hours to sit in her trailer. So to pass the time she made jewelry for the entire female cast and crew. It wasn’t until she designed her pink wedding dress and made her own jewelry, which was featured in INStyle Weddings Magazine, did she think she might have something unique. After receiving rave responses, she decided to push forward with her own line. She called it SHAMELESS because she considers herself to be unabashedly bold, bodacious, spunky, and saucy. Shea believes that all women are both NAUGHTY and NICE and that we should embrace not only our SWEETHEART but also our BITCH

Most recently, Shea was seen competing as one of twelve contestants on LIFETIME's PROJECT ACCESSORY.  You can watch the show on HULU.  Check out some press pics below!  




Valentine's Day movie premiere

Valentine's Day premiere


Shameless Jewelry is Upfront